Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Apple Map Updates

I was amused by the recent Australian map problem, where a city was marked in the wrong location.  A one or two day flash of bad PR and the issue was fixed.  I'm jealous.

You see, I've been trying to get a nearly identical issue fixed for the last couple of months.  One of my towns, the locale of The Copper Room, is Canton Missouri.  When you search for that town, up pops a red pin at a rural location, while the real town, which I've marked with a blue pin in this image is way over there on the river.

Now, I'm a big fan of the new Apple Maps, and I still like it better than anything else out there, but I just wish it was easier to correct errors that I encounter. There are a number of buttons built into the app that where one can "Report a problem".  I systematically tried them all.  There's the one under the turned up corner, where one can report general problems.  There's the one where you highlight the pin and report the error there.  I even went to www.apple.com/feedback and tried to report it there.  Still, the days tick by and the false Canton pin hasn't moved.

I was willing to give Apple some slack because they get their data from third parties and I suspected that maybe the delay had to do with the long lead time of feeding the error data back to TomTom or whoever and waiting for it to ripple through the system.  Obviously, there's a quicker way, as evidenced by the Australian issue.

It's the PR, obviously.  Now I know my little blog is minor.  Goggle won't even let me put adverts on it because it's so inconsequential.  But I've had some visibility on other issues in the past.  Maybe someone will notice.  I can alway hope.

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