Monday, October 24, 2011

Superlatives at Restaurants

Several times in the last few months, I've been at a mid-range restaurant.  The food is good but not outlandishly expensive.  The wait-person has done their job, provided the drinks and food with reasonable promptness.

And then a greeter wanders through the room, stopping for a brief visit at each table.  "Is the food wonderful?"  "Are you having an outstanding time?"  "Is your steak cooked perfectly?"

I feel like this is a new trend, and one I don't care for.  I have a life-long sales resistance, as do many other people.  I do not like to be put in such a position.  If I agree, to be polite, I am allowing the vendor to put a superlative description in my mouth.  If I disagree, then I feel like I'll have to immediately complain about some food that is honestly adequate.  So, I am left in frustrated silence.  Usually, someone else in my dinner party says the appropriate words and the greeter moves on her way.  But I'm left with a bad feeling.

I guess it's time to construct a quick come-back.  Some phrase I can whip out at an instant when this happens again.  Something like, "It was perfectly adequate."  Perhaps with a smile, letting them know that I'm aware they've been coached to feed me that line.

Of course, it's probably just one of my quirks.  I have many.  I'm just glad I have a blog where I can vent in a relatively conflict-free environment.

Have a spectacular day.

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