Wednesday, July 20, 2011

No Fish Left Behind

We've been in drought conditions for quite a while now.  For the third time in the decades I've lived here, the pond on the eastern side of the property is going dry.  It's barely a puddle down in the bottom.  And I have no fear that any of the fish I stocked the pond with back a year and a half ago will go to waste.  Most of the ponds in this area are dry or nearly so, so any open water attracts egrets and herons.  There's even a little group of ducks from I don't know where (on the left side of the picture) that are living here now.  From a bird-watching perspective, it's fascinating.  From a fisherman's view, it's heartbreaking.  Personally, I have my fingers crossed for hurricane storms to come and dump a few feet of water my way.

My tweets from Feb 9, 2010:

Getting ready to stock fish in the pond. 100 catfish 100 perch 10 larger bass
Letting the minnow sized fish get used to the pond temperature before turning them loose.
These bass are acting too tame. I would have preferred little ones but it's all the truck had.
The perch adapted the quickest, schooling up and heading off together.

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