Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Project Saga Logo

Starting this year in August or September, I'll be doing a yearly book in The Project Saga, a multi-thousand year, multi-person storyline that starts in the current day but spans an era where humanity begins to shape the Solar System into new worlds where people can walk the soil barefoot and breathe the air.  There will be a bare minimum of four books, and hopefully more than double that.  This is engineering on a massive scale, where planets are moved, moons are torn apart for material, and DNA and ecologies are rewritten.

Each of the books in this timeline will have a new logo to identify it, and this is its first public appearance.  I will still be doing books in the Small Towns, Big Ideas series of YA science fiction and other stories as well, so I needed a new logo to identify which book is which type.

Be on the lookout for Starstrike which starts the whole thing rolling in just a few months.

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