Thursday, April 28, 2011

Emperor Dad Contest

On the Henry's Stories blog, we're about half-way through the Emperor Dad novel.  One of the plot threads is the Emperor's desire to introduce teleportation technology in a controlled fashion.  From now until the end of the serialized novel, reader ideas about new ways teleportation could be used are solicited in the comments with the best of the ideas celebrated with a prize.  Best is defined as what most tickles my interest.

Contest page.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

iPhone Tracker

Hot in the news is a free application that lets you get access to the some stored information that accumulates in your iPhone.  It makes lovely maps of the places you've been.  For people like me that travel and like to remember where I've been, it's a nice trip down memory lane.

It's not perfect.  For example, not shown on the clip above is a big California dot and I haven't been to California in all the time I've had my iPhone 4.

Now, a lot of people are getting all wiggy about the privacy implications, but if you want to get a feel about my opinions about privacy, go read Emperor Dad, for sale lots of places and also currently playing free at Henry's Stories.

Update: corrected my memory.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Book Review: The Girl Who Wanted to be Sherlock Holmes

Hey, it's a Bill Crider novel on Kindle for $2.99.  That's all I really needed to know.  Besides, I didn't really want to spend all day working on my taxes.

The YA mystery novel is a fun read.  The main character is a honest and solid guy with a girlfriend(?) Shirley Homes that makes me want to read more of these.  The mystery and its unraveling was entertaining and I figured it out just slightly before the characters did.  If mystery stories are like video games, then I guess I won.  If you have a Kindle or the Kindle software on your PC or Mac or phone, then it's an easy call.  Buy it.