Thursday, June 03, 2010

The Real Peloquin, Following His Dream

Back when I was new in Austin, working at KVET radio, at church I met up with a quirky little fellow with a quirky name Real Peloquin, he walked funny, probably polio or something, but I don't recall us talking about that.  Real had a focus in his life.  He wanted to be a radio DJ.  At the time, he worked at Goodwill, but in his little apartment, he composed reel to reel taped shows which he handed out to his friends.  I was a Radio Shack addict back at that time and I mentioned the little micropower radio modules they had.  It wasn't very long at all before the Real Peloquin show was being broadcast in his neighborhood.  It was some time later that I mentioned that he should get an FCC license.  That's what my father had suggested when I went off to college and having it had gotten me my job in the Austin area.

And so he did.  The next thing I heard he had snagged a job at a public radio station in California.  On occasion, a tape would arrive in the mail and I would get to hear what he was up to.  One fascinating thing he did was track down celebrities and get them to record promos for him.  The first one I heard was from one of the grown up child actors in the Partridge Family, I believe.

For a while, I lost track of him, but he still had my address, and I cracked a big smile when a postcard arrived, with his information.  He has since moved to Tennessee, but he has worked in stations across the country Texas, New Mexico, Colorado and Alaska. I think he works as a studio technician right now, but nothing will keep him from making his shows. He has his home studio and broadcasts his shows via the internet. He concentrates on 'super oldies' and it's really worth your while going to NightflightOldies and playing some of his hour-long shows. On the Radio Shows page, he has several day's worth in his library if they're to your taste. Some of the songs I remember, but some are even before my time. These are complete radio shows, with public service announcements, music, and features. And they are done by a guy who has been doing this all his life, because he loves doing it.


Scott Cupp said...

I remember visitng Real and his studio with you a couple of times. It is great that he got his dream job.

Bill Crider said...

Thanks for the link, Henry. I've been listening for an hour or so, and it's my kind of station. I've bookmarked it.