Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Feels like Christmas Eve

Anyone who knows me, or has read many of these blog posts know that small children frequently recognize me as Santa Claus. Well, there are more gift giving days than Christmas Eve, especially for an author searching for a little recognition.

This week, I'm shipping out large quantities of my latest novel, Golden Girl, to various people for free. Some of the people receiving my gifts are people I want to reward for helping me make it a better book. Some are bloggers and people who write reviews for magazines, but there are a number of people who I know only by their addresses and the fact that they are judges for contests like the Newbery.

Just ten minutes ago, I was in the groove, stuffing the cover letter and making sure that the inside address was the same one that went on the outside of the bubble pack envelope. They're all librarians, more or less. It really feels like the night before Christmas, knowing I'm sending out a book that's going to bring a smile, somewhere. Yes, I know that there's a chance that the books will get lost in the shuffle along with hundreds, maybe thousands of other books. Still, I have a feeling that the adventures of Debra Barr and her hops through time in her nightgown will please the librarian/judge, or the assistant who is intrigued by the cover, or by the end user reader thumbing through the shelves a year from now.

It feels wonderful, sending out books to Wyoming, or Chicago, or even Austin, knowing there's a smile a-coming.


Bill Crider said...

Got mine, and I'm looking forward to reading and reviewing it. Thanks, Henry.

Benjie said...

I've got my review posted (http://benjobooks.blogspot.com/2009/10/golden-girl-henry-melton.html). Thanks for another great story, Henry!

Henry Melton said...

Thanks again, Benjie.