Tuesday, July 28, 2009

South Dakota

Monday was a cruise through the gentle hills of South Dakota, over to one of the most beautiful little cities in the world, Chamberlain. This part of the world had all the rough edges buffed off by glacial ice sheets long ago, leaving curved hills covered with contouring green felt of life. Unplowed miles, at this time of the season are dotted with round bales of hay as far as the horizon. Up close too, for the highway shoulders and medians are harvested as well.

Without the need for the robotic scaffolding of irrigation systems planted fields are tall with dark green corn or white with wheat being mowed by large harvestors.
Animals, particularly ring-neck pheasants, are thick in the grass or perched on tall bales of hay, with family clutches including gray-feathered chicks learning to duck their heads down so they can't be seen.

Dropping down into the canyon that contains the wide blue Missouri River, Chamberlain's small city streets and well tended parks make it a jewel in the praries. After a quick visit to the library and high school and Twitter friend Nick, we left, heading north west, roughly following the Missouri and towards North Dakota.

Sunset found us on the hills overlooking the River, listening to coyotes calling in the distance. It was a very good day.

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