Friday, July 17, 2009

Golden Girl Book in Hand

It's less than a week before I hit the road and I had been sweating the deadline on Golden Girl. I desperately wanted a couple of books in hand when I attended the World Science Fiction Convention so that I could show it off.

The printers proofs arrived today, and while I still make some final tweaks before the publication date, I have my tangible books for readings and show and tell. It's a great load off my mind.

I was also able to hand a copy to my wife, Mary Ann, and show her the dedication page. A long time ago, my very first book, a non-fiction computer book, was dedicated to her, but as the novels came out, I had been waiting for the perfect one to dedicate to her.


Pizza Girl said...

You'll have to let the world know where to pick it up once it does come out. I'd love to read it!

Henry Melton said...

Oh, you know it. I'm training myself to give out business cards and actually ask people to buy. It doesn't come naturally.

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