Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Falling Bakward on Kindle

I've been checking regularly for about a week now, waiting for Falling Bakward to go "Live" on the Kindle store. They advertise 12 to 72 hours from upload to being active on Amazon, but the consensus is a week if there's no problems.

The particularly nice thing about having the book there as a Kindle offering is that, with the introduction of the Kindle on the iPhone app, anyone who has an iPhone or iPod Touch can go to this link and download a 'sample' for free. In this case it's the cover and just over four chapters from the beginning of the book. So it's a nice way for people to try out the story and see if it grabs them or not.

I am also offering the book in "mobi" format through a number of on-line ebook sellers that specialize in this format. So, as of today, I have all five titles up as ebooks as well as trade paperback.

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Bill Crider said...

I like the cover of this one a lot.