Friday, February 27, 2009

Not Just Moose and Squirrel

Yesterday, in all the scenic beauty of the western side of Rocky Mountain National Park, we saw three moose and several squirrels scampering across the top of the snow. This morning, as we headed out again before dawn, it occurred to me that I could write a Rocky and Bullwinkle themed blog entry because those were the only animals we saw.

Not ten seconds later, I saw something brown beside the road, and it wasn't the right size or color for either Moose or Squirrel. I slammed on the brakes (gently) and Mary Ann handed me the camera. About once or twice a year I get to take the pictures, usually because there's an animal that might bolt, and it's only available out my side of the car. The last one was a fox. So was this one.

This was the first photo opportunity of the day, and we had to add a battery, take off the lens cap, and because I'm no photographer, she had to make all the settings while I fumbled with trying to hold the camera steady. The fox watched me, judged me no threat and let me take several shots before getting up, stretching, and wandering off.

The rest of the drive up to the end of the road, we saw tracks. Sometime last night, the fox had come down from higher country, doing a little hunting, and rested beside the road until we came along. Unsurprisingly, I saw no squirrels this morning.

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