Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Waiting in the Car

For the past month, Mary Ann and I have been on the road chasing fall colors for her photography. Be sure to check out her blog to see some of her work. The links are in the sidebar.

However, with my knee problems, I'm not out on the trail as much myself. Like right now, I'm parked where I can see her work out on the frost covered boardwalk over the cypress swamp. As much as I'd enjoy being down there myself, I'll have to stay here in the warm car and try to tap out a blog entry on my defective iPhone.

We'll be back in Texas in just a few days and maybe I'll be a bit more active in this blog. What with driving all day, every day, and being a bit burnt out by the time we wrangle a motel room, I've been short of inspiration. At least short of the blogging kind.

Scouting through 15 states in a month, racing the season change south, and watching the nature of the forests change on us as rapidly as their leaves turn and fall--this has been a an inspiring trip for me.

To be honest, 2008 has been a poor writing year. I've become a publisher, with all the marketing load that implies, and the writing, my true love, has suffered.

But this month, I can feel some rusty gears turning. Hmm. If I illustrated that theme with this example... Yes, that just might work!

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