Monday, September 01, 2008

Under Fire on Labor Day

The gunfire out the window is the perfect environment for today. Crazy me, I set the release date for my latest novel, Lighter Than Air, for September first. What with all the other events in my life, that rolled around far too fast. When I awoke this morning to the sound of the first day of Dove season, it occurred to me that my deadline had already arrived and I had a LOT of work to do today.

High on the priority list was this blog entry, letting you know that the book is out and you can order it. But I couldn't do that first. No, first I had to update Books in Print, then I had to make an individual page for it on my website, then update the Library Page. Then there was the business of updating my personal webstore page, and the Amazon webstore page. had to be changed to highlight the new book.

Then, once all that was done, I could finally blog about it with links that actually worked. Even when I'm done here, there is more -- a lot more -- that has to be done. I'll have to upload the text for Amazon's look inside feature and give Google Book Search a copy. Once my initial shipment of books arrives (hopefully with no problems from Hurricane Gustav) then I'll have dozens of books to ship out to reviewers.

I just wish I could get some of that hurricane cloud cover. Working in privacy for efficiency, I'm out in the RV. Unfortunately, I can't get enough juice out here (circuit breaker issues) to run both air conditioner units, so it gets rather warm in the middle of the day. At least the gunfire keeps my mind from getting in a rut.

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