Saturday, August 02, 2008

House plus Ghosts

House plus Ghosts
I don't really mean classic "ghosts". Even though my father died in the next room, I haven't any belief that he's haunting the place. I was there when he died and I'm quite confident he left early. He had other things to do and moved on. Plus, my mother is still alive, at least for awhile, over at the hospice. And certainly Sissy the Dog is alive and well back in Hutto. No, the "ghosts" that I'm talking about are really parts of the house itself. I can't open the front gate without glancing around the yard to see where Sissy is, although I know she's 500 miles away. There's Daddy's wooden cane leaning up against the window sill, and Momma's painting still hung over the couch. The whole den area is Daddy's. I remember his carefully crafted drawings of it, when he was still planning its construction. Certainly things have changed. Some of the most important furniture went to make Momma's assisted living apartment into a special home-y place for her.

But the house is static. It doesn't change a whisper between visits. The signs of life I see are just leftovers--ghosts from times loved, but now ... gone.

Henry Melton Science Fiction
Phil 4:8

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