Saturday, July 19, 2008

Mailing to the List

Today, I sent out a bulk mailing to my, rather small, mailing list. It's mainly friends and family, with a few local librarians, etc. I let them know that Extreme Makeover is for sale and gave them some URL's.

Now, I know that I should aggressively grow that mailing list, but I find that each time I send out an emailing, it shrinks a little. This time, a librarian retired and a couple of other email addresses vanished for one reason or another. I'm tempted to take the 9000 spam messages I get per month and send them one of my own, but that would just be an exercise in frustration. Most of those addresses would be either bogus or owned by innocent relayers.

So, if you didn't get my emailing today, and you would like to be notified when I publish a new book, just let me know. Go to the Contact page at and send me an email.

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