Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Book Tour, Sort of...

Last month, as Roswell or Bust was released, I had the idea that, since the book starts and ends in Las Vegas, New Mexico, I should put together a some kind of promotional event in Las Vegas. I started with the Chamber of Commerce and the bookstore I found on the web, and the school system (since the protagonist was a high schooler). It was a good plan, with a bookstore signing and some kind of school visit.
Unfortunately, it all fell apart. There were email addresses and phone numbers that didn't work. When I couldn't make any contact with the bookstore and the school principal was so tied up in end-of-school-year activities that he was never available when I called, I got the message and put it all on hold. Better to try again in the fall when I'd have more access to the students.

Luckily, that was the right call. My mother's health went down hill and I found myself in Amarillo spending my days in the hospital room when I had envisioned being in New Mexico. Interesting how these things seem to happen.

But now, her health is better and she's getting care to rebuild her strength, and I was no longer needed to sit by her bed. And New Mexico was just a couple of hours away. So, with no plan, no schedule, and no pre-arrangements, I got on I-40 and headed west. With a box or two of books and a stack of book fliers, I'm visiting town after town, looking for bookstores and libraries to visit.

After this first day, it's been moderately successful. I've met people, made contacts, donated a book or two, and sold some where I had little hope of placing them. It's encouraging. I'm in Taos tonight and I'll be visiting bookstores here and then moving south, seeing what I can find. More current updates will happen on Twitter.

Then after a few days, I'll swing back to Amarillo and check on Mother. I hope. One thing I've noticed. Even when the idea is good, never fall in love with your plans, because they never survive.


Bill Crider said...

Good luck on the tour, and I hope your mother continues to improve.

Lazy Trainer said...

I'm glad your mother is doing better.
It also sounds as if your alternate tour is bearing fruit.
I've noticed how things do seem to work out even when they fall apart.