Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Seth's Stumble

I regularly read Seth Godin's blog because I like his insights and his take on permissions and trust. But I guess everybody has an off day. On this latest blog concerning the ability of the internet to organize public opinion, he offers up two instances of potential ignition.
I have no idea about the Starbucks setting it's temperature, but given the other piece of libelous inaccuracy, I'd give the Starbucks the benefit of the doubt.
He says, without evidence:
"And the stores in Breckenridge, Colorado keep their doors wide open all winter."
Hey that just ain't true. I've lived long stretches of time in Breckenridge and walked shops. It's cold in Breckenridge. No body in their right mind would do that.
The sad part is that Seth has developed enough of a presence on the net that people trust what he says, and Breckenridge people will suffer from it.

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