Monday, April 14, 2008

Interview on Lia Metal's Site

When I contacted Rambles.NET to see if they'd review my novel Emperor Dad, it was a while before they contacted me with the address of a reviewer where I could send the book. I blinked. Corfu Greece? Where was that? But Hutto Post Office has nice people. They keyed in the numbers, charged me the (gulp) fee, and off it went.

It turns out that the reviewer is a English as a Foreign Language instructor in Greece, with a regular Internet presence. After I received the very nice review, she offered to include me in her growing list of author reviews. She hasn't mentioned it to me yet, but Google Alerts found it today. Click here and then search within the page for "Henry" Command-F does it on my Mac. It's down toward the bottom of the page.

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Lia said...

Hi Henry,
Thanks for the link!
I would be very happy to read and review more of your work if you post it to Corfu (now you know where it is!).
Your blog- and your wife's-is quite interesting. Writers are exceptionally talented people, especially those who can write and think like kids. Not everyone can!
Best wishes,