Monday, March 17, 2008

Three Networks

At the moment, I have three wireless networks running in the house.  It's crazy, I know.  MeltonHutto is the house ISDN network.  It is back up today after being down for a week while Embarc figured out what was wrong.  Apparently it was due to 'some equipment in Killeen'.  Look at the MenuMeter bandwidth measurement on the menu bar.  ISDN runs at either 7.5 or 15 KB/s depending on whether we're using one or both channels.
MeltonRV is our Direcway satellite system on the RV, which I've routed into the house using a WDS booster in the far bedroom.  On a good day, it can get 130KB/s for a while until we reach the Hughesnet daily bandwidth cap of somewhere around 350MB.  After than, it's just a trickle, less than dialup.  It also suffers from rain fade, high latency and other issues.  But for the hour or so when it's working perfectly, it's the closest we can get to "broadband".
MeltonATT is the new network.  Just Friday I bought a Laptopconnect gadget which runs on ATT's network.  As you can see, at our rural location, we can get bandwidth in the 20's, which is not the 3G speeds the system is capable of.  This is rather the failover fallback to EDGE, the same network my iPhone uses.  
I suspect, we'll bail out of the ISDN service and its $100+ a month charges after the ATT network proves itself.
I just wish either the cable company or the phone company would bring in an affordable, real broadband connection to the house.  I need bandwidth, and reliability, and all these networks are just tapdancing to stay connected.

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