Sunday, March 09, 2008

Emperor Dad is Darrell Awards Finalist

I had planned to be at AggieCon at the end of this month and I even bought a table to sell my books in the dealer's room.  But I just received notice that Emperor Dad is a finalist in the novel category so I think I need to be in Memphis instead.  I'd love to be a winner.  I'd plaster it all over the cover and add it to my brag sheet.  
Plus, I'll get to meet a new set of people.  I suspect that many of the Archcon attendees in the St. Louis area will be at MidSouthCon as well, but this is a new con for me.  Lots of plans to re-arrange.  What fun.  What fun.


Bill Crider said...

Congratulations, Henry! We'll miss you at AggieCon, though. I think Judy and I might be the only ones of the old crowd to be there.

Scott Cupp said...

Echoing Bill's sentiment. I really like this book and am glad that others do also. And you will be missed at Aggiecon.

Henry Melton said...

Thanks guys. I'm trying to talk Debra into going to AggieCon to handle the table for me. We'll see if that works out.