Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Waiting for the Mail

How about 'Full Service Writer'?  Being a writer who's also trying to publish, I'm still running up against barriers erected to ward off the hordes of the self-published.  Admittedly, they are weakening rapidly.  Some places won't review self-published books and I understand.  I had an email from a contest judge that had read Emperor Dad and complimented me on how few typo's he noticed.  In his words, most of the time he couldn't get through the first five pages of a self-published novel without be inundated by errors.  If I'm in a category that is widely acknowledged as having vastly more works produced for love than with any professional rigor, I have to find some way to let people know what to expect when they toy with the idea of clicking the BUY NOW button on Amazon.
Getting reviews and hopefully contest recognition would be good.  I hear books sell better with shiny WINNER stickers on the cover. I've been sending out books to anyone who will review them and entering any contest that looks legit.  Feel free to let me know of others.
But I've also been working on making the books themselves look professional.  I have three new covers (three titles) posted on my cork boards where I have to look at them every day.  I want to give myself every opportunity to tweak something that doesn't look good, before it's time to launch the books.
And that time is coming.  Within the hour, a CD will arrive in the mail (cross fingers) and I'll have the artwork for book three.  Once I finish that cover, a clip goes in the filler pages of the others, finishing the last step for them as well.  With luck, I'll have something nice to show off at my table when Aggiecon arrives.  See you there.

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