Wednesday, February 27, 2008


We're at the Sandestin resort on the panhandle of Florida for Mary Ann's nature photographer convention.  I'm killing time with this posting as she's frantically finishing up her photography portfolio prior to talking to various editors.  And yes, that does mean we've brought her whole office with external hard drives and high end color printer with us into the resort.  But that's normal for us.  At least this place has good solid high speed wireless internet.
The resort itself is nice, with interesting places to visit while she's off in her conference events.  I went over to the candy store last night and was far too tempted by the chocolate.  I'll have to keep that under control.
But even the fanciest places have their problems.  They've been painting down below ground level in the parking garage and vapors have crept up and triggered the fire alarms in random bursts.  It added spice to Mary Ann's last minute preparations.

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