Saturday, January 19, 2008

Travel Days 2007

It's my annual travel summary blog. In general, it was a very good travel year, with more than half of it away from home. However, as I ran the numbers it wasn't a record. I had been thinking it would be, with a long trip to Yellowstone and a month in Africa, but 2007 was a case of fewer trips, even though those were memorable.

The cities marked on the maps aren't consistent. Most of them were places were we spent the night, but Gold Beach was just the limit city of that California run, and Washington DC was an airport layover on our Africa trip. We certainly visited many more locations, but I just marked notable places as I went along. These maps are from my screensaver, OSXplanet, which isn't currently working (and I miss it).

However, 2008 is shaping up to be one with less travel. Budget issues. Hey, it's been 19 days of the new year and I haven't been anywhere yet! I'm getting itchy.

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