Thursday, January 10, 2008

My Eyes are Blurry

I've been doing layout and editing on Lighter Than Air, one of the novels that I'll be putting out this year.  I've probably read the story a dozen times when I first wrote and polished it, but now that I'm doing the final layout, I've read through it four times in the past two days.  And I think it gets better each time.

That's one thing I find about my writing.  I'm in love with the story when I write it, but when it ages while off at a publishing house or an agent, I tend to lose confidence.  This was certainly a pleasant surprise when I opened up the file and began working on it again.  I wrote a great story and it holds together very well, even under multiple re-readings.

A publisher has to be in love with the books he produces, and, you know, I'm not having any difficulty with that at all.

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