Sunday, January 27, 2008

I Bought 2 CD's

I mention this because it's rare. I'm strictly a one-click purchaser on iTunes. Want to buy me a gift? One of those iTunes gift cards will do nicely.

However, I had lunch at Tres Amigos at the intersection of 290 and 183 and as we sat down for our traditional fajitas, I noticed a guitar nearby, leaning up against a few speakers. I sighed. I'm not a big fan of live entertainment at a restaurant. I like sitting and talking, and far too often, especially in Austin, a place has booked a live band of some kind. Sometimes I bring earplugs to a place if I fear I'm likely to be entertained. (I hate TV's in restaurants too, but that's a different rant.)

But as we waited for our order to arrive, a guy sat down, picked up the Takamine G Series Acoustic Electric Classical Guitar and with no announcement or anything, just began strumming. Most of the pieces Buzz Guerra played were old standards, like Misty or If You Could Read My Mind, but done with complex strumming and arranged so that I just enjoyed the music, and only when well into the piece, could I recognize the name of the song.

The sound was comfortable. Mary Ann and I ate and talked world politics (tribalization problems mainly) and were never unpleasantly distracted. I greatly enjoyed the meal, and walked over to his little table with CD's, a business card and a tip jar. As the meal wound down, I visited his website on my iPhone and begged Mary Ann for cash to pick up his CD's. His playing and instrumental arrangements, I knew, would be perfect background as I wrote.

When I purchased the CD's Buzz mentioned that there was another CD on the way.  I'll be looking for it.

Take a look at Buzz Guerra's website.  I think there are a few sample tracks you can listen to.  I recommend them.

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