Saturday, December 22, 2007

Lunch Sign

Small town joys include the local diners. In Hutto, one of the favorite lunch spots is The Texan. It used to be down the road near Frame Switch, but their business picked up when they moved into the center of town. I enjoy the chicken fried steak, but almost every time I eat there I keep looking at the big Highway 79 sign they have on the wall. Part of my brain just can't leave it alone. It's wrong.

I understand that it's just a wall decoration. I understand that it's evocative of the long history of road side diners of decades ago. I understand that they probably just bought a Route 66 sign and repainted it to match the fact that Hutto is on highway 79.

But 79 is a state highway, and those signs are on a rectangular background. It's the US highways that have the shield.

Like I say, it keeps nagging at me. But there's no help for it. I enjoy the grub.

UPDATE: Mary Ann said 79 is a US highway. I checked and she's right. But...why does the sign on the wall say Texas?

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