Monday, December 17, 2007


Today, I dropped by the not-yet-opened Hutto Public Library to meet the librarian, Yasmeen Jehangir, and to drop off a bag of books. Hutto has been trying to get a library since the '30's with limited success. She's still waiting for the shelves to arrive. The building is part of the old fire station, and she's working hard cataloging all the books that have been collecting over the years awaiting a building. Hutto is the fastest growing city in Texas, and it's been a shame we lacked a library. We still don't have a grocery store.

In addition to finding a home for some of the neglected books at my house, I'm seeding the local libraries with copies of my books. I write so people will read them, and you never know where they will show up. Just this evening, one of Google's Alert crawlers ran across a copy of my 1983 computer book, on the shelves of the King Saud University Library in Saudia Arabia. You've just gotta wonder how it got there.

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