Friday, November 02, 2007

No Email in Dairy Queen

I wasn't able to check my email when I stopped for lunch at the Taylor Dairy Queen. The reason this is worthy of comment is that this is the very first instance since I bought my iPhone three weeks ago that I haven't been able to whip out my phone and check email or browse the web on a whim. Everywhere else, in restaurants, gas stations, waiting in traffic, or when I'm a passenger -- I've always been on-line.

But at least at the Dairy Queen, there was no wi-fi and the phone signal was so low that there was no EDGE coverage to give me a way to ship packets around. Even yesterday, when I was having lunch at Jerry's restaurant/bar/baitshop in Granger, I was able to check up on the on-going SCO bankruptcy on Grocklaw.

Boy am I spoiled.


Chris said...

There should be a law against no wifi!

So do you love your iPhone? Should everyone have one?

Henry Melton said...

Chris, I won't say everyone should have one but I'd be lost without mine.