Friday, October 19, 2007

Music Library Stats

I was reading one of the zillion commentaries about Apple's iTunes Store vs. the RIAA Big Labels. I don't pretend to predict that future, but it caused me to look at my own music library.

I was an early iPod adopter, with one of those 5GB original units. That was back before iTunes was selling music, but I had already gotten into the music player spirit with a Diamond Rio, and a 5GB hard drive was huge compared to the 32MB memory cards I was using. Suddenly, instead of the few albums I deemed worthy of converting for the Rio, everything on CD was now destined for the conversion marathon.

So, my original digital music library was a little less than 1000 songs, all from purchased or gifted CD's I acquired over decades.

I experimented with the P2P software and downloaded maybe six or seven songs. None survived. I didn't like the ethics of the situation.

Today, the count is 2859 in "Music". That's just the simple count. Of those, slightly less than two per week were free downloads from iTunes (I avoid Hip-Hop/Rap), which gives me exposure to music I'd never have sampled before.

Of the unpurchased remainder, perhaps 300 are things I've recorded myself, like the church music I captured while visiting the churches in Zambia, and recorded lectures.

But the big picture? I buy much more music now that it's just a click away, and the percentage from CD's is dropping rapidly.

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Chris said...

CDs have no DRM and make nice backup copies, but the downside is you have to purchase the whole album.