Tuesday, September 04, 2007

That's a Zebra Skin

We're waiting for lunch in the airport restaurant at Lusaka. We sorta made a mistake in our planning. We thought that our plane to Mfuwe was due to leave at 8 am. With that in mind we had the hotel wake us at 5:15 so we could catch the 6am shuttle to the airport. When we arrived, we learned that the plane actually was scheduled for 2:10 pm. So, we had a long wait in the airport lobby.

It hasn't been bad. There's lots of opportunities for people watching here, once I got over the currency shock. The ATM vended us K600,000 and a couple of cokes costs over K8000.

But, like I said, people watching is wonderful. We arrived early, and most of the people walking around were in military uniforms, and most of them were women. And I don't mean military-looking uniforms. They have the gunbelts and the boots and the berets. Some of them, a very few, carry what look to be old M-2 Carbines. I haven't gotten a good look to be sure.

But these are generally happy people. The girls in uniform were checking their hair and chatting happily.

And they all looked very pretty. It was amazing. These are a very handsome people. Even the guys, although I didn't pay too much attention to them. Our waiter looks very much like a younger Cuba Gooding, Jr.

Although I don't say much, the whole time has been spent talking to others in the airport lobby. In many ways it's like it used to be in the US, where large family groups would come and see relatives off as they left for their trip. The lobby seating area is outside the security checks, so everyone can come.

But now, we're having lunch, and I almost didn't recognize the zebra skin. In the US, that would have been a large plastic decal decorating the wall. This one is a real zebra skin.

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Scott Cupp said...

Just catching up on reading your posts. This sounds like the trip of a lifetime. Did the clothes ever show up? And exotic foods. Not my normal choice but when it is that or nothing, I woulod probably try it. Keep having fun and posting.