Thursday, September 13, 2007

Slowing Down in Livingstone

One of the features of the safari trip is constant activities. I held up to it for a couple of weeks, but I'm a self-paced kind of guy, and a few days ago, I let Mary Ann do all the game drives and I took time off. Today we're in Livingstone at Chanter's Lodge and officially the safaris are over. We did go out on one last game drive this morning, and saw the last white rhino in Zambia. He wanders around in the park with a couple of armed guards. Apparently all his fellows were poached.

Our driver saw the man walking along with his AK-47 and called out to him. Tourists aren't supposed to get out of the vehicle, but we managed to take a short walk over to where the rhino was grazing.

Tomorrow, we'll be picked up by the Gregersens and head off to Kolomo. Luckily, I've just finished my class outlines. The next few days will be an entirely different kind of Africa experience -- and I have no idea what will come.

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