Thursday, September 06, 2007

Sitting Safari

The one truth I am coming to realize is that a trip to Africa like this one consists of sitting. We sit in the plane for long hours. We sit in the airport between flights. And once at the Safari camp, we sit, like maharajas on elephants, on the top of the seating platforms on these Landrovers as we wind our way along the dirt roads that travel through the park. There are rules here. You don't leave the vehicle, except in certain circumstances like the Sundowners or during the walking trips with heavily armed guards. The lions don't eat you when you're in the vehicle, even when you drive up to within ten feet of them.

But after the long day, you return to camp and sit around the veranda with your drinks and talk. Until dinner time, when you sit around the table and talk. One thing for sure; weak legs are no reason not to come on safari.

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