Sunday, September 02, 2007

Ostriches Outside the Tent

We've been at Wolwedans in Namibia for two days now, and not only is there no handy internet in our tent, there's no electricity, so use of the laptops has been sparing.

It's a nice camp. We're staying in a tent, on the sand dunes, but it's a very nice tent, built sturdily on a wooden decking platform, with a bathroom and shower just a dozen feet away. Everything is solar powered, from the hot water to the limited lighting. The bed is nice, and the interior of the tent has good headroom and is about the size of my bedroom at home. The decking outside faces the southeast and dawn is very inspiring.

Last night, the dinner was a three course meal with about 15 people. We had oryx steak, and they baked a birthday cake for the teenager from Italy. They say Americans are rare here. Most of their tourists come down from Europe.

We're just back from an all day drive around the camp, seeing lots of animals I didn't even know existed. John, our tour guide, is relatively new at the game, with his head in the reference books, but he's college educated and quite honest about the things he doesn't know.

We fly out in the morning, but supper is just a couple of hours away. I wonder what we'll have this time. Until then, I'll sit out on the lounge chair and watch the pair of ostriches that are grazing just off in the distance.

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