Thursday, September 27, 2007

Midnight in Zambia

It's just past five in the afternoon here in Texas, but that puts it after midnight in Zambia and my body is complaining. At least the air conditioner is working.

When we arrived, Debra told us she had turned the house air conditioner back on and the house should be cooled down for us. Well, it didn't quite feel like it. A few hours later, the temperature had climbed towards 89 and I knew that something was wrong. I checked, and the compressor wasn't even trying to run.

I have to tell you, it's much hotter in Texas than it was in Africa. Even in the deserts of Namibia, it wasn't that bad. We fired up the AC in the RV and spent the night there.

Today the Fox guy arrived in a timely manner and located the problem. Ants in the wiring. A new 'contacter', and the air began to cool. Texas fire ants may not build as impressive a mound as those termites in Africa, but they can be quite annoying. One more thing to take care of, now that we are home.

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