Monday, September 24, 2007

Makuas Everywhere

We're back to Capetown for the night, and it's been a hectic day. We packed, and said goodbye to the Gregersen's and I took one last look at their veranda as I loaded up into the LandCruiser for the run to Livingstone. Donald drove and told us the story of the Cow, the Goat and the Dog.

Mary Ann stopped at a Livingstone marketplace and bought some more trinkets while Donald and I sweltered in the heat. Kaloma and Namwiamga are up on the plateau which makes them a little cooler than Livingstone, which is down on the Zambezi River. We checked in and watched with some amusement all the tourists on safari. Somehow, we felt old and experienced. But in the departure lounge, it struck me that I was in a sea of Makuas. Makua is the Tonga word for whites. I'm just guessing on the spelling and exact definition, but that's what we were.

Then there was flights:
Nationwide Airlines/ Boeing 727-200/ Livingstone to Joburg. (That's "Johannesburg", but that's not what people say) It was a very cramped seat. Then the new luggage Mary Ann bought to carry all the trinkets broke off a leg.

Nationwide Airlines/Boeing 737/Joburg to Capetown
The flight was okay, but we were stuck in the airport with an overly-delayed shuttle to the hotel and we almost missed supper.

I'm tired, and a little uncomfortable with being back in the 21st century.

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