Monday, September 03, 2007

Lusaka Without Luggage

Today was a travel day.

Cessna 210/Scenic Air/Wolwedans to Windhoek
Boeing 737-800/South African Airways/ Windhoek, Namibia to Johannesburg, South Africa
Airbus 319-100/South African Airways/ Johannesburg to Lusaka, Zambia

Well, they warned us. The big duffel of clothes didn't arrive. Mary Ann has her cameras in carryon, and I had my laptop, so nothing critical is missing, other than creature comforts. It's been a week since I've had usable internet now. About five days since I've been able to check my email. Supposedly, there's wireless internet here, but I haven't been able to make it work. Once Mary Ann finishes, I'll give it another try.

Update: I'm piggybacking on Mary Ann's hotel wireless signal through the firewire cable. It's crude, but at least I got these posted.

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Bill Crider said...

Thanks for sharing the adventure, Henry!