Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Here in Namwiamga Mission

My little point and shoot camera may have died, probably because of dust in the lens mechanism, but if you want a photo of what we're doing here in Zambia, take a look at the Gregersen's Blog. Linda Gregersen and Mary Ann came out in the middle of one of my sessions and started taking pictures. It took me a moment to get back on track.

Of all the students I've been talking to, there are a few who have already been writing their own stories, but the options are so limited here for them. I've been showing them how to look into magazines and find the publisher's information so that they can find the editor's address. It's seven km into town if they wanted to get to the post office, and internet access for them is very limited.

But one student has already had an article published in the Livingstone newspaper, and what I read last night from another student showed great promise.

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