Thursday, August 30, 2007

What's For Supper?

An early morning flight brought us from Capetown to Sossusvli Dune Camp in Namibia.
Boeing 737-200/Air Namibia/Capetown to Windhoek -- very cramped, and the guy in front of me reclined practically into my lap.
Cessina 210/Scenic Air/Windhoek to Sossusvli -- just Mary Ann, the pilot, and me.

The camp was so welcoming and friendly that I didn't know quite what to do. Everyone from the butler and the cook, to the driver and the resident astronomer introduced themselves. We have a separate lodge just to ourselves, with scenery so isolated and quiet that the shower and bathroom are wide open to the desert because there's no one to see anything.

We relaxed for a couple of hours, watching springbok and oryx visit the watering hole in front of the camp before having lunch under an awning. Sometime later we were driven out into the desert where there were more springbok and oryx, and zebra, and many birds that we, of course, have never seen before. As evening approached, we saw a bat-eared fox and an aardwolf. Listening the chorus of gekkos, we stopped for refreshments before heading back to camp. Mary Ann took a lot of pictures.

As the stars came out, and I struggled to make sense of the southern sky, I went over to the observatory and had the astronomers point out the constellations. I was about to leave when Mary Ann tracked me down and came to marvel at the brilliant milky way and have the southern cross and other constellations pointed out for her as well.

Afterwards we sat down for dinner, and were served royally. We had the springbok.

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