Saturday, August 04, 2007

Walking and Talking

Attending a science fiction convention while promoting something is a bit different from just hanging around for fun.  For one thing I was lugging around my carrying case, just in case I needed to whip out a copies of my books.  And I was constantly checking the Freebie tables to replenish the advertising cards I'd made for Emperor Dad.  

But this was a good-sized convention, and Saturday it was getting a little crowded.  I wore the button I had made in the dealer room.  (Buttons by Bouchard scanned in my advertising card and made a couple of buttons for me.  Today, I ordered four more.)  

While I have been ill-prepared in some ways, not being ready to make deals and expand my infant commercial enterprise into Illinois, I have done a lot of talking to other authors and micropublishers that were farther up the learning tree than I am.  I'm getting a lot of ideas about what works, and what doesn't -- and what I've already done wrong.  

I'm really looking forward to next weekend in Armadillocon where I can buttonhole the book experts (you know who you are) and ask all the difficult questions.

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