Sunday, August 05, 2007

Signing Off

The last event of the last day of Archon 31/NASFiC 9/Tuckercon was my signing.  I was pleased to find people waiting there looking for me and I got to sign a few ancient things.  

But then, the customers went away and left the authors sitting around the table and chatting.  I am learning so much this trip about what I'm supposed to be doing.  Haley Elizabeth Garwood (I kept running into her all throughout the con) was there and gave me a number of pointers about how to make contacts and told me a number of things she'd done while promoting her Warrior Queen series.  I especially liked the tale of the reverse shop-lifting, but I'm not that brave.

Now, I'm back to the RV, with a little East St. Louis research to complete.  One chapter of my latest book happens here, and I'd like to add a little more color in the text.  Tomorrow, we'll go north to Oquawka for more research.

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