Monday, August 20, 2007

Preparing For Africa -- In My Pocket

A week from now, I'll be in the plane, somewhere over the Atlantic.  It's finally getting real.  My laptop is whirring away, as I juggle some hard disk space to make a safety full image backup.  Of course, I'll be taking a couple of portable hard drives with me, but it's best to have lots of backups.

I went over to REI to get a travel wallet.  I wanted one that had a little more space in it.  Not all countries have paper money the same size as dollar bills, and I ran into that problem on my Europe trips.  I may not be a book collector, but I have an interesting collection of foreign coins and bills.  The coins are the best.  I've got everything from wooden nickels to bus tokens, to those cute one pound coins from Great Britain.  I like the obsolete ones from France that have been replaced with the euros, and the windmills on the ones from Barbados.

When I emptied out my old wallet, I took out a silver dollar I had kept there since 2001, when I bought one for every member of the family.  I teared up a bit, remembering all that has happened over the years, but it slipped into the new wallet and there it will stay.  

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Scott Cupp said...

So, the final counbtdown has begun. I hope your trip to Africa is memorable and enjoyable (not always the same thing).