Thursday, August 16, 2007

Poetic Mystery

I've been cleaning up  my office for the past few days and I ran across an old, unsolved mystery.

In the early 80's, when my father-in-law died, he left a large quantity of stuff, much of it junk, at his Lubbock, Texas property.  There was a house, but there were also many tiny apartments he'd rented out to students and others.  I had the feeling that some of the unsorted junk was leftovers from people that had abandoned their beds in lieu of paying that overdue rent.  (In closing up and selling the property, we ran into the same situation.)

But among all the stuff to be trashed or garage-saled, I found an old ring binder.  In it were poems, neatly hand lettered by their author, Emilie Peck.  From the content, some of it written in the "war years" of the 40's, I suspect she was an older lady.  There were other clues.  She had a Dr. Hendon.  There was a eulogy for Mrs. Nancy Martin of Ropesville with children named Elsie, Flora and Alfred.    And the back cover was used as  a notepad and contains numerous phone numbers.

Several times over the past few years, I've sat down with Google and attempted to follow some of the threads.  I've had some leads, but nothing that was decisive.  If I had a spare week to kick around Lubbock some day, to talk to people in person, maybe I'd find more clues.  I'd love to find some grandchild of hers who'd be thrilled to have it.

But in any case, it has survived many attempts to throw away all the trash in my office, and I suspect it always will.

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