Saturday, August 25, 2007

Packing by the Numbers

We fly out in less than two days, and we're packing.  The problem is that the numbers don't work out.  Ignore the vacuum cleaner.  We're not taking that.  But see that big black lens case?  It's about four inches too long for United Airlines and two kilograms too heavy for South African Airlines.  

That's if it goes as carry-on.  The problem with checking it is that we're flying through Johannesburg, and stories say checked baggage there has a problem with pilferage.  Airline guidelines say all valuables such as cameras and laptops should be carry-on.  That black bag is my computer case.  Flying economy on SAA means one carry-on item.

Mary Ann's luggage is being worked on at the moment.  There doesn't seem to be any combination of bags that can carry her camera gear and her laptop in one bag and get under the SAA weight limit.  

But the night is young.

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Bill Crider said...

I hope you and Mary Ann get that luggage problem solved, and bon voyage to the both of you.