Friday, August 10, 2007


Twice this week, I've been bitten by software I count on.  It's painful, especially for someone like me who relies on his computer.

One is really my fault.  I mean I shouldn't have gotten so dependent on Alpha-level software.  I signed up for the OmniFocus test program and I've been downloading the daily updates to this GTD software -- a very fancy to-do list.  All was going smoothly when something hiccuped and it crashed, permanently.  I lost my action lists and I can't seem to recover, or even wipe it clean and do it all over again.  Oh, I trust the Omni people.  I've used almost all of their software and OmniOutliner is a critical part of my writing process, but at the moment, I'm stuck.

The other problem software was the just-released update to iWeb from Apple.  I bought it at the store yesterday and tried out a few of the updated features.  All was going well, and then suddenly, something glitched and all my photos vanished out of the file.  I've been working to repair it, pulling the photos off of the published website, but something is still glitchy, and I have this creeping fear I might have to rebuild the site from scratch.  

If I weren't heading off to Armadillocon in just a couple of hours, I'd be at this recovery process all night long.  I guess I'm lucky it's more important to go meet friends than grumble over the keyboard.

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Henry Melton said...

And another version of OmniFocus rolled around and cured it all (I hope), plus there was a magical backup of my data just waiting to be restored. At least one problem solved.