Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Down Here

The full moon is upside down. I expected that, being on the other side of the world and all, standing on my head with respect to normal Texans. And it's been a long trip, three plane flights, and one of them was over 15 hours. At least I'm getting to experience some new airplanes I haven't used before.

Embraer 170/Shuttle America-United/Austin to Washington DC
Airbus 340-600/South African Airways/Washington DC to Johannesburg
Boeing 737-800/South African Airways/Johannesburg to Capetown

Dulles airport in Washington was fun. They use elevator shuttles. The first time it was just a bus driving from one terminal to the next, but when it came time to get on the Airbus, they loaded us on the shuttle and drove out to where the plane was parked and the whole shuttle lifted up about two stories tall to dock with the entrance hatch. That flight was only about half full, luckily, so I had room to stretch out for the long flight. We took off at sunset and arrived in Johannesburg mid-afternoon the next day. A lot of fuel must have gone through those four large Rolls Royce engines.

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