Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The Other Side of the Story

My wife, Mary Ann Melton, is my constant travel companion. While there's been a couple of trips in the last few years where we've gone to different locations, for most of the time, we're at elbow length away. But in spite of that, she does her thing and I do mine. We have different projects and certainly different blogs.

But if you wanted to follow our travels, you have to follow both blogs. Today, over in the sidebar, I've highlighted her blog link with the comment 'The other side of the story', just to make it easier. In fact, if you haven't been reading Mary Ann's View for the past week, you should go take a look. I've been working on other things but she's been churning away, catching up on all those Yellowstone blogs she didn't have time to post on the day she thought of them.

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