Friday, July 27, 2007

Interview Day

This morning was hectic, including getting the RV over to Herbie's (Round Rock Muffler & Automotive) for an oil change and state safety inspection.  Boy, I'm glad I know where to take the monster.  On the road, it's often a chore to find places that will work on RV's.

Then after they were done, I had to clean up for my newspaper interview.  The Hutto News is going to have something about me in a couple of weeks.  Nancy Royden took my picture and we talked for an hour or so about the book and my travels and this and that.  She also asked for Thomas's phone number (Emperor Dad is dedicated to him since the main character was also a Hutto High School football player) which may lead to revelations about my deep dark secrets.

But it was an interesting exercise.  My last newspaper interview (if you don't count the canoe trip) was when I was a National Merit Scholarship Finalist back in high school.  Interestingly, that interview was also about my writing.  Hmm.  I guess things never change.

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