Sunday, July 22, 2007

I Been Webbing

Since the moment my proof copy of Emperor Dad arrived and it was GO for publication, I've been editing and creating web pages right and left.

For one thing, all my pages on which refer to the book have had to be updated to point to the click-to-buy location.

But more than that, I've had to make the substantial effort to be a publisher in more than just name. As many of you know, Emperor Dad was to be my experiment in self-publishing. I produced an e-book version a year ago, then added artwork. Then, since I had the text and the cover, why not take advantage of the print-on-demand technology to produce a real live hold-in-your-hand book?

It was a big step for me. I've been writing for 40 years and have steadfastly avoided the publishing side, until recently. I write, it was the other guy's job to publish. Unfortunately, the world has changed. My writing style is sufficiently distinctive that I don't fit in the standard categories. Editors and agents write me these lovely rejection letters, telling me how well I write and how much they personally enjoyed reading the story -- but I don't fit. It began to look as if I were going to have to do some of this myself.

Oh, I haven't totally given up on the idea that Big Name Publications will notice my stories and offer to do a mass market edition, but although I'm still sending out the queries, I'm not going to wait on them. A few readers is better than no readers.

So, as a serious side-line, I've started Wire Rim Books, my publishing imprint, with an Emperor Dad trade paperback as the first offering. In the coming weeks, it will be showing up on the big on-line bookstores, and as I attend NASFIC in St. Louis (really Collinsville) a few days from now I'll be attempting to make independent bookstore contacts.

I invite all of you to visit the new website and I welcome suggestions, especially from you experts out there. If I'm going to do this, I've got to do it right.

Roswell or Bust! is already in the queue.


Scott Cupp said...

So, will you be at ArmadilloCon with these?

Henry Melton said...

Scott, I fully intend to be there. My travel schedule between St. Louis and leaving for Africa is a little tight, what with all the packing to do, but I certainly looks doable. Are you going to be at NASFiC?

Scott Cupp said...

No NASFIC for me. I never really enjoyed the WorldCon/NASFIC experience as much as I did World Fantasy. And they were bloody expensive. I got more business done at WFC and had more fun. Hopefully I will be going to it this year.