Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Highs and Lows

Yesterday, I had two different experiences relating to my new Wire Rim Books.  The first was the UPS delivery guy.  I saw him drive up while I was mowing the back jungle.  I stopped the tractor and walked up.  He came out with a box.
"One package or two?"  I yelled.  He double-checked his list and nodded, going back into the big brown truck for another box.
"You need me to help you with those?"
"No, I've got'em."  
They were the overly-expensive set of books I'll be taking to St. Louis for the NASFiC. 
It seems you can order them quickly, but it costs.  Even if I sell them at full cost, I'll hardly make any money on them.
However, that's not the purpose of these.  I need to get a few copies into the hands of reviewers, book store owners, etc.  
That was the high point of the day.  Later on I drove over to the county courthouse to get "Wire Rim Books" set up as a "Doing Business As" entry in the public records.  While that was a simple and painless exercise, it was just the trigger for more events.  
Mary Ann reported that I've already had my first junk telemarketer trying to sell me Visa and Mastercard services.  She'd been through that herself when she set up her photography business.  Those public records are grist for the data-miners and I'm suddenly on lots of different mailing lists.
Today I registered for my tax id number and have been granted the privilege of filing quarterly government forms for all time to come.
It felt unclean.  This isn't how the world is supposed to work.  I'm supposed to type away in private, creating wonderful stories.  I mail them off and money flows in.  Isn't that the dream?
But I knew this would happen when I decided to publish.  You make your decisions and roll with them.


Scott Cupp said...

And, from such dreams, epic empires are born. Hoping NASFIC does well for you.

Austin Lunos said...

So it goes, Henry ...and you've got to guess how much money you'll be making that next quarter. Unless you have a fifty page business plan, that is. In that case, you'd better not overestimate or the bottom falls out. I've been told that you've got to hire a 'staff' of folks to handle all these things so you can just what you wanted in the first place!

Now, where's all that retirement money we were supposed to be getting ...?

Henry Melton said...

Yes, they did have a place to guess how much money I expected to make. It was a puzzling choice.
0 to $4000 --- $4000 to $24k --- or more than $24k

I wonder what that all means. Of course I claimed to expect no income at all. Safest. But government forms scare me.