Tuesday, July 31, 2007

First Stop

We're on the road to St. Louis for the North American Science Fiction Convention, but first we had to make a stop in Dallas.

Our son Thomas works for an accounting firm and travels extensively.  It's so hard to meet up with him that a bag of his clothes has been traveling a few thousand miles from one city to the next in an effort to get back to him.  So, since he was back from weeks in El Paso, at home in Dallas, we managed to hook up for a few minutes.

He retrieved his bag of laundry and I was able to get him his autographed copy of Emperor Dad.

The novel's main character was very loosely based on Thomas.  Both were football players at Hutto High School, and there were several events in the novel lifted from real life.  So I dedicated the novel to him and I wanted to be sure he had a copy.

Although ... I'm sure he'd want you to know that not every event in the novel was lifted from his life.  About all you can be sure of is that he did have the crowd cheering as he played football, and he didn't teleport over to Paris to avoid seeing a certain cheerleader.

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